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The following are the stances I believe are crucial in fixing our state. Many others are priorities for myself and others. However, if we do not solve these foundational issues, we risk reaching a point of no return. My belief in these stances is such that I am not afraid to stand by or debate them. Together, with God's help, we can help Illinois be the place we are proud to call home.

Balanced Budget

Illinois cannot continue to spend more than it brings in in revenue. 

Pension Reform

Our pension system must be fixed if our state is to remain financially solvent.

Term Limits

Being a public servant was always meant to be an honorable, part-time job that one served for a little while and then left to continue pursing individual goals.

Debt Reduction

Households cannot stay afloat financially by spending more than they make, and neither can our government. Our day of financial collapse will soon be upon us if we do not balance our budget.

Tax Relief

Illinoisans are overburdened with taxes, and our current leadership in Springfield is not showing any signs of reforming their tax and spend ways that have led to our current financial mess. 

Committee to Elect David Paul Blumenshine
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